• Get them to listen. Get them to act.

    When you are serious about impacting public opinion or winning a campaign...let three decades of experience work for you.

Legislative Communications

When your audience can change the law

When you need help in getting your message through to lawmakers and/or policy makers, we’re your team. We understand the process and we know the players.
Honesty with the media

A long-term relationship with the media can only be achieved through a straight-forward and honest approach.

Hard work at all turns

Quick answers are usually not the correct answers. When you need a team to dig in, you can count on us to make your issue OUR issue.

Backing up what we say with solid research

Policymakers and news media need more than spin...they want facts and supporting evidence. We believe in sound research and supporting data to make your point. We have the expertise to present even the most complex findings into simple and easy-to-understand reports.

Public Relations

When the public's opinion matters.

Whether in crisis management or brand enhancement, when you need help communicating your message to the public, we have the skills and the battle-tested experience you need to make a difference.

When trying to persuade the public, you often need a multi-media strategy designed to reach different targets at different times and in different ways. We have direct extensive experience in changing – or harnessing – public opinion to meet our clients’ needs.

Political Campaigns

When the public votes.

Whether in candidate campaigns or ballot initiatives, there are few teams in Florida with as much experience as the principals who run VancoreJones Communications.
For over two and a half decades, we have been involved in electoral politics in every corner of Florida. We have extensive experience in the following areas:
  • Local races: partisan and non-partisan
  • State Legislative races: House and Senate
  • Ballot Initiatives/Referenda: Local and Statewide
  • Statewide races: Cabinet and Gubernatorial

About Us

The two principals at VancoreJones Communications have over 50 years combined experience in legislative and political communications in Florida. We have worked extensively in virtually every county in the state with key and notable successes in both primary and general elections. 

Steven J. Vancore

Steven J. Vancore is president of VancoreJones Communications. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business and his Master’s degree in Marketing Communications from Florida State University.

Beginning in the mid 1980’s, Mr. Vancore has been deeply involved in scores of political and communications campaigns throughout the state. Additionally, he ran a statewide polling and political research center for over a dozen years while overseeing literally hundreds of polling and political research projects during that time. For the past decade, he has continued his work in general consulting, polling, and focus group research as well as public relations and government affairs projects throughout the nation. In addition to teaching media selection and application at the Florida State University’s Masters of Applied American Politics & Policy (MAAPP) program, he is a frequent guest lecturer on the subject of Florida politics and political research. He also co-hosts a regional television show called The Usual Suspects.

Andrew F. Jones

Andrew F. Jones is a partner at VancoreJones Communications and has been the managing partner since its creation.  He received his B.A. from and conducted post-graduate work at the Florida State University.

As the managing partner, Mr. Jones serves as the director of operations and service delivery. He has served as general consultant, key advisor and media buyer in dozens of local and state legislative campaigns in Florida.